here are some of the various music projects i have worked on. i'll try to keep the order chronological with newest stuff topmost. most of it varies wildly genre and sound quality wise. and i have had more band names than actual songs it seems.

i also hope to record and import a lot of my really old material from cassette / reel to reel / minidisc / 8-bit 5KHz mono soundedit files. that should be interesting from a historical perspective (if nothing else) as some of it dates back to me in grade school.

nearly all the 'album' releases are mixed together as a seamless experience. the individual tracks will reflect that as they will contain the tail of the previous song as well as possibly the intro to the following song.

i have provided individual mp3 files for download as well as a bulk download of all the 'album' tracks as a zip-compressed file. enjoy.

:: basic canoeing :: burning man 2004 ep

my newest or most current project. mostly for more beat oriented type material. though i do make an ambient song or two for it. currently working on some new material. this here is the last ep i made. i gave it out at burning man 2004 as well as to random people i know.

i don't really like the random titles i gave the songs when i first made them. nor the random ep name. so i am not going to relist them here.

track 1 : 04'06"

track 2 : 02'05"

track 3 : 03'23"

track 4 : 04'18"

track 5 : 03'15"

track 6 : 00'54"

track 7 : 03'43"

track 8 : 00'10"

all tracks as zip : 30.7MB

i still enjoy track 3 as well as the dark ambient track 7. track 6 is short but is one of my favorites. i am working on a remix/reedit of track 3 currently and might do the same for track 6.

:: beesleep :: burning man 2003 ep

a collection of some of my darker ambient work. a few songs... namely 'dark will change' i have had around forever and keep putting them on discs. 3 of the tracks are entirely new for this release however. on this album the track 'moonfed monorail' (also from the circle soundtrack) is one of my all time favorite ambient tracks.

the hive of roman liars : 01'17"

beneath the steepest distress : 04'49"

ingrained : 05'09"

dark will change : 03'09"

the basement speaks : 02'28"

moonfed monorail : 05'04"

all tracks as zip : 29.6MB

i am still working on beesleep material and plan to add more acoustic intrumentation in the future. i plan to keep it drone based still... just moving into slightly more dynamic grounds.

:: circle soundtrack ::

this was a soundtrack for a movie my brother made for school. i sort of forgot about volunteering to do the soundtrack until the last minute. and more or less did the entire thing in a straight 24 hour period. a few tracks were from prior unfinished songs. but most of the actual work was done all in one solid chunk of time.

the files are slightly larger here than the rest of the downloads. as these are not VBR but straight 256k MP3s. i didn't feel like recompressing them to shrink them down more.

title track : 02'10"

iseeon6 : 04'24"

moonfed monorail : 05'06"

growlingevildrone : 08'45"

sadness drone : 05'45"

filler drone : 06'33"

credits : 01'02"

all tracks as zip : 58.7MB

'moonfed monorail' is probably my favorite off of this entire soundtrack. 'sadness drone' i like... but there is a bit of crappy drumming i need to remove i think. it just doesn't sound good. 'iseeon6' a lot of people seemed to like. i thought it was okay. i was going to remix it but one of the key audio files went bad so i can't. 'growlingevildrone' i really still like and might edit it a bit for a future release. the distortion in the title track near the end still reminds me of weird voices. and the credit song is just silly. it did have a moderately offensive sample in it... but i took it out. and for good reason.

:: composite :: hive ep

my last release as composite. i mostly got tired of the name and was sad i had to make due with an '.org' domain vs. a '.com' domain. these tracks are a bit more grainy and glitchy than prior composite releases.

most importantly... this was when i first used the beesleep name that i have used as a project name ever since. the track 'dmf' actually contains a large portion of one of the first drone songs ever made as composite. more or less it is a remix of it.

beesleep : 02'41"

dmf : 05'45"

ants like you : 05'15"

end of season : 02'48"

all tracks as zip : 25MB

all in all this is one of my better projects in terms of being slightly different than the rest of the composite (and even later beesleep) material. possibly a bit too minimalist though.

:: composite :: since birth ep

a few of my favorite composite songs plus a few new ones i made. i thought i was going to end the composite thing... with the whole END album. but i didn't and i had a few new tracks i wanted to put out. there are a couple older tracks on here that were either on END or on some other prior collection i can't find anymore. i also had a version of 'since birth' as beesleep with an extra intro track and combined with hive and 4 extra tracks at the end.

yes. that goofy little baby is me.

brumal drifter : 03'31"

from which reason recoils : 03'02"

ingrained : 04'54"

pde : 02'10"

an ocean of dreams without a sound : 04'06"

i must say i am feeling rather tense : 03'25"

all tracks as zip : 34.4MB

:: composite :: END

composite was my long standing ambient project that began in the mid-to-late-90s when i was really into csound. looking back ... i can't believe i used to *code* and *render* sound files. but it was fun. and using raw files from csound combined with a multitrack editor with VST plug-ins i made some pretty cool drones.

the tracks on END have a lot of the original csounds in them still. but they have been edited and recombined so many times since first making them that very little of the originals are really obvious anymore. this album was basically entirely done in a multitrack editor with VST plugins. i remember it crashing all the time back in those OS9 days. this contains one of my all-time favorite tracks 'dark will change' which is a 98% accurate representation of the soundtrack from this recurring dream i use to have.

some of these tracks got slightly weirded out just by turning them into mp3s. oh well. in addition i have forgotten the titles to these songs long long ago... except for a few. they did have names at one point. but i can't find an original tracklisting or cover or anything to reference. the original cover is also long since gone. i made the END collection in '99. the original tracks date back much further than that however. enjoy.

track 1 : 04'01"

track 2 : 02'51"

promise deceive exist : 06'08"

track 4 : 03'13"

i must say i am feeling rather tense : 05'12"

track 6 : 03'11"

betray self worth : 03'10"

track 8 : 00'57"

track 9 : 03'04"

dark will change : 05'15"

track 11 : 05'01"

track 12 : 01'21"

an ocean of dreams without a sound 06'26"

track 14 : 04'39"

forever : 03'17"

all tracks as zip : 96.7MB

this album was recorded at very low volume. sorry about that. there is not much i can do without raising the noise floor at this point.

:: various remixes or covers ::

G'd Up Flap : 04'23" :: this was basically just a 'mash-up' i made... before the term 'mash-up' was so hip to use. basically it is the lyrics from Snopp Dogg 'G'd Up' combined with the beats from Scorn 'Flap' ... took forever since i had no way of pitchshifting. sometimes i forget that 'Flap' doesn't have Snopp lyrics.

Scarborough Fair : 03'27" :: mostly this was me messing around with Spektral Delay. i came up with a bunch of passes of effects... then mixed them all together. not all that great really. and very noisy and glitchy.

They Deface Ants : 04'22" :: impossible to tell. but this started out as a remix of 'The Safety Dance'... barely recognizable honestly.

Policy Of Truth : 04'00" :: just a remake/cover of the Depeche Mode song. i keep thinking about finishing it up. maybe with some female vocals. maybe clean up the sounds a bit. but i always forget and/or stopped caring.

:: miscellaneous tracks ::

this section here is for various unfinished tracks or older tracks that never really belonged to anything. or tracks that don't really *fit* with anything. older tracks that belong to a project and have an album of sorts will go in the upper album section. this section is entirely for strays. i decided since they are strays that i would explain them a bit more based on what i remember about them.

whineV1 : 02'19" :: this here is a pretty old song. from back when i actually had real instruments. i forget exactly what this one was. i think it was a wavestation playing a patch combined with a juno 106 playing a patch combined with a few drones on a S3000XL ... all playing off one keyboard and routed in various ways into a digitech quad 4. then recorded on a minidisc recorder. i still like it. it is simple. but weird and sort of tense.

insertnamehere : 03'50" :: same as with whine... this was back with real instruments. mostly the S3000XL sampler if i remember correctly. i think i sampled the orchestral loop off of a record i got from the library for 50 cents. it was a story about a crypt or something. then the voice samples and screams are from a german newscast about the horrors of scientology that i recorded off satellite while working as a board operator at a TV station. i'm pretty sure i've taken the entire song and dropped it wholesale into other tracks before. with effects or as a pad on a sampler.

mylifedecayed : 03'54" :: i don't remember how this one came together anymore. especially since i can not open up the original file these days. it was done in the classic composite style of multitrack audio with tons of effects. then mixed down. and looped. and remixed with more effects. i know some of the original source material includes a drum loop recorded from across the bar using the built-in mic on my powerbook. then slowed down a good 500%. as well as a recording of my microwave popping popcorn from across the room... also on my powerbook mic. then i think there was some street ambience recording by leaning the powerbook on my ledge overlooking 4th avenue and the Thai House. it's an older track. post-csound usage circa 1997. i used to put this track on older composite releases i believe.

TDlowlooSDrev : 03'27" :: this song was made from taking a 2-3 second loop off the intro of a some tommy dorsey record. then reversing it and looping it. and running it through Spektral Delay. then taking that recording and editing it with more effects and reversing it again. nothing too fancy. very minimalist.

101astridFInwFADES : 06'58" :: this was when i first started to use Reason. but i had no idea how to use the sequencer. even after reading the manual i just couldn't wrap my mind around it for some reason. now it seems silly as it is just about the easiest to use sequencer in the world. but at the time... no dice. so i was combining Reason with multitracking. by making 4 bar loops in Reason and exporting the audio files. then after i had a bunch made up... importing them all into a multitrack editor and piecing and chopping them all together. i would have no idea how the loops would sound together until this final phase more or less. so it was very very hard to make songs like this. this one has a sample my brother found while editing some video for work. it is excellent. he still thinks this song is awesome. me? less so.

huh_RMX1 : 01'38" :: also in the generation of not knowing how to use the sequencer at all in Reason. i made up a few cool loops that i had sitting on my computer... and scott came over one day and asked if he could mess around with them. scott knew how the sequencer worked (though he still doesn't ever block sequence chunks together!!! garr!) so basically this is what he came up with on one of them. pretty decent. obviously unfinished at the end... so i just faded out. about a 2000 vintage i believe.

kkebloop100_3xSCb : 05'03" :: so i finally decided to learn how the sequencer worked. this was the first track where i figured it out. very very simple ambient track. i think it is all of 4 tracks total (a few of those were premade and prior drones however). it originally had some drums in it but i took them out as they were absolutely hideous hearing them these days. i actually sped the tempo up a bit when i exported it as well. i actually like it still... and i might even work on it some more now that i remembered it even existing. the original version i had exported separate tracks and worked on them externally... this version is not that way and is straight from the original file sans additional processing.

folkTEST_4x : 04'22" :: most the time when i work on songs i'll start with one idea then each time i make a major change i save the file with a new additional suffix. this song went through a *TON* (43 versions to be exact) of changes and actually treed off into several completely different and unrelated songs before it was done. this is close to the original in-the-beginning version. a collection of acoustic guitar loops and static. simple. but... it actually ended up being the glitchy 'track 5' on the basic canoeing album. i don't think a single sample or loop from the original made it into the final however.

folkTEST_4AMB_3_SC : 01'38" :: this is one of the sort of dead-ended trees of folkTEST. after i appended "AMB" onto it... that tree developed totally separate from the rest of the versions. this one i always liked but never really knew what to do with it. i never even sequenced it... i just had like 9 tracks of 4 bar loops. so when i exported it i did a bit of cleanup and resequencing of the unmuted tracks, added in the vocal sample from an older version of this tree, and sequenced it up a bit. i actually really like this song and am planning on working on it some more. probably for newer beesleep material.

folkTEST_9xBEATxSEQx : 03'09" :: here folkTEST is into the 9's and on the non-AMB tree. by this time i started sequencing some of the tracks i had... hence the 'SEQ'. so now it at least sounds like the final 'track 5' from the basic canoeing album. so here the beats are bascially like the final version. this one is before i added the guitar loop back in and before i added the glitchy drone to the background. the drums have slightly different processing than final. in addition near the end there was a silly synth line i really didn't like.

folkTEST_10xBEATeeJ : 03'33" :: this was really close to being the final version of this song. i added in the glitchy drone, changed the drum processing, and ditched the old synth line. i put in a new synth line... but i still didn't really like it either for some reason. this was basically going to be the final version. then for the hell of it i swapped the sequencer track on the synth to a sampler that had a guitar loop in it still. it sounded rad. so i developed a few more versions from that to make the final version.

means9AMBxSC : 01'50" :: this track is like 10 tracks of various loops and samples. most of them are glitchy heavily effected drones made from samples of this one folk singer. not that you can remotely tell anymore. this track wasn't really ever sequenced at all. but i am thinking it still has potential and have set it aside for future work. probably as a beesleep track.

20min_80bpm_X_1 : 01'00" :: some new autechre album came out. and it was a turd. i told ben i could make a better song than any of that crap in like 20 minutes. this is the result. not that it is in fact better than an autechre track... i was just making a point that the album sucked. this song isn't that bad though. if i remember correctly the file corrupted itself so i can't go back and mess with it more now that i know more what i am doing. oh well.

whoop3++creditversiEXT9 : 05'12" :: i wanted to make the credit song from the 'circle soundtrack' longer and cooler. i totally failed. but this is one example of what i made from the original credits song. it's sort of long. and doesn't really go anywhere. i was sort of disappointed by the next day.

whoop3++creditversiEXT166x : 04'54" :: a good year later... i figured i would try messing with the credit song again. i think i might have even done a crappier job than the first time honestly. noisy and it also never really goes anywhere.

150beatastic_4x_F : 05'58" :: this one is loud and noisy and buzzy and 150bpm. absolutely useless. i thought about resurrecting some of these noisy tracks for a separate project entitled "ampshade" ... since i have a few other tracks that are either a) noisy or b) fast or c) trashy... i just haven't sequenced yet. the end of this track has a sample of ice-t from 'cop killer' ... as on the original mixed version of this song... it ran into this next track...

copKLL150_z2 : 02'40" :: noisy. and possibly the lamest song ever. totally trashy and basically unlistenable. i did a few good drum breaks in it though. it's just too bassy and noisy. sampled a guitar lick from 'cop killer' as well as random voice bits. i think i sampled 'james brown is dead' in it too. the whole song just ends in a wash of distortion ... as i ran out of ideas.

V-Day_1 : 00'30" :: i made an ad for 'V-Day'... it was the first ad i had done in years. and basically only did it to help them out and to see if i even still knew how to make an ad. part way through i realized i no longer had any production music. so i figured i'd try out GarageBand ... which i had for awhile but never used. this is the track i made for the commercial. standard issue GarageBand track.

V-Day_2 : 00'30" :: same deal as the last one... except i made an alternate track and couldn't decide which i liked best. i just gave them both files and let them decide which to use. thing is... i don't even know which one they chose as i never saw it on the air as i don't do much TV watching these days.

mysongXihatepurity : 01'38" :: so after i used GarageBand to make those songs for the commercial... i decided to see if you could actually make a non-suckass song in GarageBand. turns out you can. this is what i made. unlike on the commercials ... most of it isn't stock loops but instruments and effects combos. i thought it was pretty decent. i might work on it again.

weirdpad30 : 02'08" :: just that really. when i was looking for old tracks to include i found this file and exported it. it honestly isn't that weird. just a short pad with effects basically. i originally made it in the very very very early days of Reason. like maybe the second or third thing i ever made.

mc1_tryout_2 : 02'41" :: i got a new keyboard controller and was itching to try it out. so i loaded up some really simple sounds and pounded on the drum pads and tapped on the keys. this is what i came up with. pretty cheesy honestly. but i made it in under an hour! and how nice it was to not have to mouse notes together to make a melody! sounds like a cheesy new wave song actually. i bet if i put really really really cheesy vocals on it and maybe another synth line it could be pretty hilarious.

weirdargdrone_v10sseq : 04'16" :: after i finished up the first basic canoeing album i started working on some new tracks. this was one of the first ones i worked on. i spent a lot of time on it and went through a ton of different revisions and remixes after this one... but they always seem to come out worse. and this version has some issues. too bassy. and i think i need to do something with some of the drums. but i have given up on it. and honestly it doesn't fit in with any of the other tracks i am currently working on for new basic canoeing material. so it ends up in this wasteland. it's pretty decent i suppose. i was decently pleased with it at one point in time.

AMBguitarPART2_90cTseq : 02'46" :: this track is another track i worked on after the last basic canoeing album. it is actually a heavily treed off version of 'track 2' on that album. though clearly it sounds nothing like it anymore... that was the original source file when i started it. sort of dubby and lazy. i really like the bassline still. and the samples i used are good too. i might work on it some more... except it also doesn't really fit in with any of the new stuff i have been working on.